Lucky Shots | Photo Book

Lucky Shots | Maarten Vromans | Photo Book

45 of the best photos of the 'Lucky Shots' series, bundled in a unique, limited edition photo book. Successfully crowdfunded, self-published, surprisingly designed and printed on excellent paper.

Published in 2018
56 pages
29 x 25.2 cm
Open Back Binding
Offset Printing
Limited Edition of 250

€30.00 | Numbered by hand | Free Shipping to NL
€40.00 | Numbered by hand and signed | Free Shipping to NL

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Urban Transition | Maarten Vromans | Booklet

The Velvet Cell, an independent photobook publisher with a focus on projects that explore urbanism, included the ‘Urban Transition’ series in a Chronicles Set, a collection of five small projects by five different artists

Published in 2021
16 pages
13 x 18.5 cm
Staple Binding
Digital Printing
Limited Edition of 100

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