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Spotlight #001

Urban Transition | New Series

The first images of a new photo series are on show at Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, NL. This new and ongoing series is called 'Urban Transition' and will be a continuation on 'Urban Erosion' (2014 - 2020).

Spotlight #002

Urban Erosion | Aesthetica Magazine

'Urban Erosion' was featured in the Artists’ Directory of Aesthetica Magazine, a bi-monthly curated platform showcasing today’s most innovative practitioners across art, design, photography, architecture, music and film.

Spotlight #003

Lucky Shots | PAN Amsterdam

Hattrick! For the third year in a row, eight images from the photo series 'Lucky Shots' were exhibited at PAN Amsterdam, the largest, most beautiful, most relevant eclectic art fair in the Netherlands.

Spotlight #004

No Horizon | Zerp Galerie

Three images from the photo series 'No Horizon' (plus five photos from the photo series 'Lucky Shots') were on view at the Rotterdam based Zerp Galerie, as part of the group exhibition 'Beneath the Surface'.

Spotlight #005

Lucky Shots | Photo Book

45 of the best photos of the 'Lucky Shots' series, bundled in a unique, limited edition photo book. Succesfully crowdfunded, surprisingly designed and printed on excellent paper. Available now!

Spotlight #006

Urban Erosion | Buzzfeed

Following a feature in Format Magazine, Buzzfeed included the photo series 'Urban Erosion' in a weekly round-up showcasing 'some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet'.

Spotlight #007

Urban Erosion | Life Framer Awards

The photo 'Fortuna St, Budapest', taken from the photo series 'Urban Erosion', received an honorable mention in the 'Life Framer Award: Urban Life'-competition. Jury member Peter Funch: 'It’s a quietly powerful composition'.

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