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Spotlight #001

Urban Transition | The Velvet Cell

The Velvet Cell, an independent photobook publisher with a focus on projects that explore urbanism, included the ‘Urban Transition’ series in a Chronicles Set, a collection of five photography booklets. Available now!

Spotlight #002 | Photo by Maarten Nauw

Urban Erosion | Paradiso

The world-famous music venue Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL) showed 33 photos from the ‘Urban Erosion’ series on its facade. This solo exhibition represented the conclusion to a project that took six years to complete.


Spotlight #003

Urban Erosion | Broad Magazine

The 'Urban Erosion' series was featured by Broad, an online magazine for the digital age, connecting and bringing emerging artists together from around the world to explore a global experience.

Spotlight #004

Urban Erosion | Publieke Werken

The photo ‘Gasthuisplaats, Delft’, from the 'Urban Erosion' series, was included in 'Publieke Werken', an outdoor exhibition in Rotterdam showing recent work by visual artists, designers and photographers.

Spotlight #005

No Horizon | F-Stop Magazine

The photo '#020' from the 'No Horizon' series was included in 'Issue #109 - Landscape 2021' of F-Stop Magazine, a bi-monthly online platform featuring contemporary photography from around the world.

Spotlight #006

Urban Erosion | Life Framer Awards

The photo 'Fortuna St, Budapest', taken from the series 'Urban Erosion' series, received an honorable mention in the 'Life Framer Award: Urban Life'-competition. Jury member Peter Funch: 'It’s a quietly powerful composition'.

Spotlight #007

Lucky Shots | Photo Book

45 of the best photos of the 'Lucky Shots' series, bundled in a unique, limited edition photo book. Succesfully crowdfunded, surprisingly designed and printed on excellent paper. Available now!

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