Spotlight #001

No Horizon | New Photo Series

In May 2019 I went to Switzerland to work on a new photo series. For four days I used the Glacier Express to travel back and forth between St. Moritz and Zermatt. As I traveled over snow-covered mountain peaks and through green valleys, I saw beautiful landscapes passing by in which the horizon was rarely visible. All of this resulted in a new photo series titled 'No Horizon'

No Horizon | #014 | 2019 | 80 x 45 cm


Spotlight #002

Go West | Video Impression

Go West | Denver - Fraser-Winter Park #001 | 2018 | 80 x 45 cm

Go West | Denver - Fraser-Winter Park #003 | 2018 | 80 x 45 cm

Catching a train I had never been on. Discovering a route I never saw before. Crossing a country I had never visited. And then - whilst having all those unfamiliar landscapes and cityscapes pass by the window still only once - trying to create a distinctive photo series.

That’s what I did in May 2018, when I travelled from New York to San Francisco by train. A non-stop, coast-to-coast trip of 4300 miles, spanning 11 states and 4 time zones. An epic journey that eventually led to the creation of a photo series titled 'Go West'.

Go West | Winnemucca - Reno (Video Impression #001) | 2018


Spotlight #003

Lucky Shots | Photo Book

45 of the best photos of my 'Lucky Shots' series, bundled in a unique, limited edition coffee table book. Surprisingly designed and of course printed on excellent paper. Available now!

Lucky Shots | Photo book | Preview

Lucky Shots | Photo book | Preview


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