Spotlight #001

No Horizon | On View

No Horizon | #007 | 2019 | 80 x 45 cm

Three works from my new photo series 'No Horizon' are included in the group show 'Beneath the Surface', on view at Zerp Galerie in Rotterdam (NL) from 13 October until 10 November 2019.

In May 2019 I went to Switzerland to work on a new photo series. For four days I used the Glacier Express to travel back and forth between St. Moritz and Zermatt. As I traveled over snow-covered mountain peaks and through green valleys, I saw landscapes passing by in which the horizon was rarely visible.

No Horizon | #001 | 2019 | 80 x 45 cm

No Horizon | #002 | 2019 | 80 x 45 cm


Spotlight #002

Go West | Video Impression

Go West | Denver - Fraser-Winter Park #001 | 2018 | 80 x 45 cm

Go West | Denver - Fraser-Winter Park #003 | 2018 | 80 x 45 cm

Catching a train I had never been on. Discovering a route I never saw before. Crossing a country I had never visited. And then - whilst having all those unfamiliar landscapes and cityscapes pass by the window still only once - trying to create a distinctive photo series.

That’s what I did in May 2018, when I travelled from New York to San Francisco by train. A non-stop, coast-to-coast trip of 4300 miles, spanning 11 states and 4 time zones. An epic journey that eventually led to the creation of a photo series titled 'Go West'.

Go West | Winnemucca - Reno (Video Impression #001) | 2018


Spotlight #003

Lucky Shots | Photo Book

45 of the best photos of my 'Lucky Shots' series, bundled in a unique, limited edition coffee table book. Surprisingly designed and of course printed on excellent paper. Available now!

Lucky Shots | Photo book | Preview

Lucky Shots | Photo book | Preview


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